Architect, Engineer, Author & Poet.





The Mother Earth is always Anxious to give birth to some Rare and Precious Gems. Time and again she did produce few such Wonderful great Personalities and presented to the World to Serve the Man kind, who shine like beacon light and guided the destiny of others, and bring bright lights, and to remove darkness from their Lives. One such Rare gem is our FATHER KRISHNA SWAMY, who is Endowed with “DOUBLE BLESSEDNESS” We mean the unexcelled excellence a Gifted individual inherits among Qualities by birth An Architect, Engineer, Author Poet, Sportsman, Philatelist and many more unassuming Qualities the rare combination blessed by God the Virtues in abundance, born in a humble Simple family of Mudiraj community in the Old City near World Famous Charminar, Hyderabad, on 6th SEPTEMBER, 1934 which co-incides with LORD SRI KRISHNA JANMASTAMI DAY, about 65 Years ago, and our Mathaji born on 9th JUNE, 1936 at Yakutpura, Old City, Hyderabad.



at DHARAMVANTH HIGH SCHOOL, Hyderabad upto Primary Level. In during 2nd World war our Grand “Father Narayana Swamy joined ARMY SERVICE, Shifted to ALWAL and our Father Joined Nollarum High School for 2 years, and started going to School by Foot along the Railway Track from Alwal to Bollarum and he use to Collect Waste Coal Pieces along from the Railway Tracks for the Domestic Use. After the War Family Shifted back to Hyderabad Completed his Matriculation Examination in division from City College. Hyderabad in the year 1952. He was interested in Sports i.e., Volley Ball, cricket, Cycle Racing etc., and joined the national Cyclists Association and received a Cycle Championship Certificate on 21st of JANUARY 1952.As a Private Student he appeared for the NATIONAL LANGUAGE ‘HINDI PRATHAMA’ Examination and was awarded the Certificate in NOVEMBER 1952. *One of his Close Friend Sri. Vishnu Dutt Bharathi whom he cannot forget in his life inspired him to join the College of Architecture in 1952, because he was good at drawing and Art Work Passed the 3 Years DIPLOMA EXAMINIATION IN ARCHITECTURE IN 1955 as well passed the Lower &Higher Grade Government Drawing Examination.




Tuition from the beginning the ADULT EDUCATION DEPARTMENT, Government of Hyderabad, appointed him on 22-6-1953 as a HEAD MASTER of the NETAJI RATHRI PATASHALA at Panjagutta, Hyderabad, vide Office Order No. 1653, Dt. 26-9-1953. He used to teach from 8-00 P.M to 10-00 P.M. on a Monthly Salary of O.S. Rs. 10/- per Month, i.e., about Rs. 6/- I.G. Present Currency, and started earning from Govt, Service. He joined the Social Education Worker’s Training course through ADULT EDUCATION DEPARTMENT and Received the Social Welfare Course Certicicate on 31st MARCH 1954. He was very much interested in Social Work and Helping others he has joined the Fire Fighting Course and Passed the Examination from the HYDERABAD FIRE SERVICES in the year 1954. During Service in Municipal Corporation, the Department has recommended his Name for the Civil Engineering? Course which he has completed from Osmania University Engineering College in the year 1957.




New Delhi he joined the Country and Town Planning Course for the Municipal Administration and Completed the Course in Part time after the Office hours at Old Delhi, Ferozshah Kotla. With the Permission of the C.P.W.D. Department, Senior Architect, Permitted our Father to appear for the Town Planner’s Examination and his thesis was approved and Completed the TOWN PLANNING COURSE in 1959-’60. According to the Hindu Traditions the out standing homely Cultural Impressions of daily Rituals and Poojas and festivals, Visiting Temples and religious daily Prayers, after taking bath the Physical Exercise was Compulsory for every one in the family. That Habit continued for ever in life of our Father, because of the Regular Sadana keeps our Parents health quite fit hale and healthy even at this age of 65, he does not require Spectacles as he has perfect Eye Sight, He takes morning walk and attends daily Sadana, reads Ramayana & Bhagawatgita. Never had and health Problem never bed ridden, never takes Medicine and does not see films, and follows the Nature Cure Principals and Advises accordingly to others.


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