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INDIA is amongst the few countries in the world, that has retained the traditional of joint families living together as (H.U.F) “ HINDU UNDIVIDED FAMILY “,so far ,but due to others communities, religions, social and cultural habits and effects the INDIAN TRADITIONAL joint family system is on the is on the verge of collapse .

The concept of independent wife and husband living separation from the main family branch is become common, now a days after the marriages, the children and the relationship between the parents and the sons and daughters the love and affection amongst the nearest and the dearest KITH & KINS is fading away it is not at all a good sign for happy and peaceful living. This system in the west and in all the developed countries is utter failure and the people are suffering and their lives have become miserable and they feel like dried up TREES in the green forest, because of lonely life.

I Wish that all my children should continue to live as H.U.F., joint family, as it is said “ UNITY IS STRENGTH” living combined together will give more HAPPINESS and peace in life with clear understanding and so far, all my children putting they efforts to improve the image of the FAMILY to the greater heights in the MUDIRAJ COMMUNITY AND SWAMY FAMILY SHOULD BECOME A UNIQUE EXAMPLE, Now a days it is great thing to maintain joint family needs sacrifice, and I wish and pray to GOD that all the 6 sons continue the same attitude forever and forever.

I am thankful to GOD he has blessed me such good children, who have love and affection cordiality and reverence to each other all youngsters respect the elder brother IKE equal to me, they embarrass and hug each other behave like blossom friends, never there is disagreement they discuss all matters very openly either homely or business resolve and come to conclusion. What the parents wish from the children, their welfare, happiness and united Solidarity

These achievements are due to the share hard work and truthfulness in behavior and children have to safeguard them and I am hopeful that my children shall obey and act according to my wishes, god shall help them. As I am observing there character, they shall work until and co-operatively in all their endeavors and get success without fail.

It is always said, that all the great and famous persons, their wives play the great role, and the success behind them is the better half. Though my wife never attended the school nor know not the writing, but due to her commonsense manages such a big family in decent manner and maintains the cordial relations with one and all , specially she takes care of my health i.e. , the reason I proudly say , god has given good health I can live more than 100 years to serve the people and the society to the best of my ability , writing Books and serving the people decorating the garden of god, TILL THE LAST BREATH IS MY AMBITION AND GOD SHALL FULLFILL DEFINITELY



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