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should be self discipline self restraint and self development, which are considered to be the practical experiences in life with the feeling of DUTY to the family, service to the society and dutiful responsibility of the MOTHER LAND.

Truthful actions, dutiful mind gives strength to ourselves and inspires not only others, but creates tremendous impact and effect on every person. Let us therefore strengthen our mind and heart to trace up our SOUL and prepare our selves for the bright future in our life to serve self and others and uplift the NATION, which is the most important duty of man. To live and let live with patriotic feelings.

Until and unless we inculcate Honesty, truthfulness, togetherness, unity and integrity amongst ourselves towards the all-round progress of the entire society and community, we shall be fulfilling the purpose of life. It is the primary responsibility of every man to strive hard to improve the surroundings and environment educate the masses and downtrodden to bring them to our level and status, preach service motivation and patriotism and love for the country to accomplish the democratic values enshrined in the constitution to enjoy the real freedom in INDIA.

Every action of man is duty and that duty is the law and interaction of karma between on to the other, soul to soul, and ultimately in favour of nature and god. As a man does an action, the action and reaction remain for the world enjoyed by some one.

God has given each individual a purpose in life to fulfill. We should strive complete the purpose, each one of us should consider it our foremost duty to help others in their need, especially the under-privileged, weak and poor to the best of ones ability and capacity without expecting any reward or return.

The first rule of action laid down by the Bhagwatgita is to do the work that should be done without any desire for the fruit, is “NISHKAMA KARMA” that is the “RENUNCIATION” of all desires for the fruit of our works, action done as a sacrifice to the supreme lord and our duty to the world.

The modern man’s religion must be universal in outlook, scientific in temper evolutionary and creative in his goal and above all one must also be service minded after all. Earning a lot hoarding and accumulating tones and billions of rupees is no use, finally on the last day, he has to depart to eternity with empty hands and bare foot. This is the fate of every being on earth.

  • Every one comes with empty hands and goes alike

  • Whatever he does in between is the offering to Almighty

  • Perform the duty, obey the order of karma

  • A real service, honest life, builds the step for new life.

Many times my well wishers and admirers asked me one question, what is the secret of my life success? Living so simple and humble achieved many things in life? There is no mystery or magic or any secret behind the success in life. The principles are very simple not to aspire for rewards “LORD KRISHNA SAID IN GEETA, PERFORM YOUR DUTY WITHOUT ANY REWARD, HE SHALL TAKE CARE OF THE FRUIT” but one has to detrimentally adhere to the work then the success automatically walks along with you as like our shadow. When I became little conscious, I set up my life pattern accordingly, how my life should be? I think I may be wrong in my principles, iam the member of dozens of organizations and associations, I attend marriages, functions banquets, parties and clubs meetings and weddings bless the couples, meet people but never touch good or water and there was on occasion for 24hours I have not consumed drop of water, I made it my principle try to follow strictly, when iam our to city in India or abroad, I consume very little food of my taste, but most of the time my wife accompanies me, but otherwise fruits are my main food unavoidably, I accept little quantity. Under prevailing conditions. I hate word ‘C’ i.e., C for Cigar, Cigarette, Cinema, Chai, Coffee etc., in life I never touched alcohol, drinks or any intoxicated items since more than 50 years, never seen films or movies having about 5 own cinema theatres. I take care of my health and eyes at the age of 65 spectacles or eye glasses are not required, maintain perfect health and Eye sight i.e., the Grace of GOD.

If a person wants to achieve the goal of life and become successful person “HE MUST STRIVE HARD”, Vivekananada said, have firm faith, faith will generate tremendous WILL POWER, success welcomes you. First of all build fine Character. Character is not a Commodity, it is the Property and noble possession to elevate the Personality. Follow discipline, respect the Value of TIME and maintain punctuality, walk on the path of TRUTH, discard dishonesty Coward ness and Lose talk. Be brave, then alone the Doors of Success shall open provided you follow the Principles of Honest Life, then the bright and brilliant rays shall show the true path of SUCCESS.



“Raise yourself by your Own Efforts,
Success shall come effort by effort
Honor and Riches shall come bit by bit
Success shall come from Root to Fruit
Success behind Struggle Shine Right time.

The Message of all the great masters, is determination dareness and strong WILL POWER can make the man cross the Seven Oceans. One can scale the Himalayan Heights, there is nothing in the world which we can’t do or achieve. I followed the above principles and advise the youngsters at least remove the thorns from the pathways and make the clean passage clear for who come after you.

Architect, Engineer, Author & Poet.


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