Architect, Engineer, Author & Poet.





but in real sense it is personal events and practical experiences of life, expressed truthfully recorded for the guidance of younger generation.

It is said that ‘THE KOHINOOR” the world’s biggest and costliest diamond comes once in every man’s hand. It is quite true, it means a golden chance a wonderful opportunity will be at hand, because lack of judging capacity and ignorance on will not recognize and understand the secrecy of GOD and loses the advantage. One will be unlucky not to utilize the golden opportunity, knowingly or unknowingly misuse the chance and at times lack of WILLM fear of loss suspicion the chance will be lost and some body else will be benefited and one will be crying for ever keeping fingers crossed in life.  

  • Nature is always silent spectator

  • Helps one, who dares ventures

  • Avenues open determination is strong

  • Always God’s grace on aspirants.

Human life is great and most wonderful life should be properly planned systematically that is what the greatest leaders, well known personalities of all times have done WHY NOT WE ADOPT? The same Principle, the hoped and aspirations of our younger generation and their field of Modern Education time chart should be planned much before so as to meet the challenges of present times. The knowledge and experiences are competitive let us prepare foe the future to overtake the time, to meet the challenges of the next Millennium.

In my life when ever a flash of thought, a golden opportunity comes to me, without next thought or agitation, daringly knowing well that “WHEN THERE IS WILL, THERE IS WAY”, the grace of GOD will be with me. After all whatever we are doing, whatever we have done in the past and whatever we will be planning to do in future, it will be remaining as an exhibit in this world, no one has taken or none will carry it but as a duty for this world. Every one has the responsibility to do a bit of labour for the betterment of this beautiful planet earth.

  • We are the Gardner’s in the Garden of GOD

  • All the members are the family of GOD

  • Children are the flowers in Garden of GOD

  • We have to decorate the Garden of GOD.

"With this NOTION, daringly utilizing the time and opportunity, single handedly I decorated my future, by hard work truthful means. Courage and determination prevailed over success in my life, and the MOTTO behind was “WORK IS WORSHIP”, and GOD HELPED ME. I never went back to face the difficulties with full vigour and hope of Achievement. GOD showered all success upon me an iam the happiest person, thankful the THEE. That whatever I thought and aspired GOD has fulfilled .We are lucky people to take birth on the Indian soil, where the spiritual fragrance is flowing our great saints, sages and rishis have given VEDAS and UPANISHADS to us. There is great essence of TRUTH and life energy Bharat matha produced many thinkers, philosophers who pronounced the ways and means to attain the perfection and peace in life for MUKTI.

At times there are upsurges, i.e., due to the cycle of events no on can stop it. There are innumerable phenomenal changes history repeats by itself India was the master in all respects, in ancient times people from all parts of the world use to visit NALANDA for spiritual training and it was the centre of education. Now we are at the FAGE end of him 20th century. India is going to be once again the beacon light for the entire universe in the coming Millennium 21st Century. Let us prepare ourselves to receive the “Super conscious super mental transindental power” which is going to be generated from the soil of India and let us distribute to the entire humanity in the world.

Architect, Engineer, Author & Poet.


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